What is Numerology?



“Know thyself, then thou shalt know the universe and God” - Pythagoras

The ancient philosopher and master of mathematics, Pythagoras, began his teaching of the ‘Science of Numbers’ around 600 B.C. He was among the first to understand that every number is basically a vibration, each having a unique oscillating cycle. The variations and limitless combinations of these numeric vibrations can be associated with every sensation, thought and physical object we experience in our world. 

Pythagoras further developed the Metaphysical Meaning of Numbers from his extensive teachings in mathematic principles and human development. His main objective was to train his students to use the Science of Numbers to understand themselves, embrace self-development and achieve perfection. To Pythagoras, this meant the true integration of mind, body and spirit. It’s from these principles that the approach to modern day Numerology was built.

How Numerology Works

The main concept is fairy simple. On the day you joined the rest of us on planet earth, a unique set of universal vibrations were occurring. These are represented by the numbers associated with your date of birth, according to the Gregorian/Christian calendar. 

A thoughtfully trained Numerologist will analyze your birth numbers using a series of calculations, charting techniques and learnings articulated from the Metaphysical Meaning of Numbers. Using these tools, the Numerologist prepares a ‘reading’ where your personal numeric roadmap and its implications are reviewed and discussed in detail.

The Benefits Are Profound

“The two most important dates in your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why.” - Mark Twain

Nothing could better summarize the profound impact that Numerology can have on your life. It provides a comprehensive and remarkably accurate picture of:

  • Who you really are (inside & out) & why it’s so important to follow your unique ‘True North’
  • What makes you tick & which behaviors can help/hinder your progress in life
  • How to use your natural strengths & tendencies to achieve your best/highest self

A thoughtful reading of your personal Numerology from Cindrew Sanctuary provides an invaluable source of information you can use to work toward your best self. The rich, mystical wisdom of your birth numbers can bring a keen awareness of your inner being, along with key insights to help promote personal development, growth & self-care on many levels!