About Your Practitioner

Julia Rae Fritz, Licensed Massage Therapist

Growing up in a spiritual and open family, Julia learned from a young age the art of healing and loving compassion. As she explored different paths she always found herself riding along the one of helping others...

“What do you want to do when you grow up?” It’s a question we can’t seem to escape. Most of us don’t know; others, like Julia do. “I want to help people, I want everyone to feel good and be happy”, her tiny 10 year old self would say. 

When Julia finished high school, she decided to attend Westchester Community College. This allowed her to stay close to her home town, working full time while studying hard and graduating with a 3.8 GPA and high honors! After graduation, Julia was off to Southeast Asia for a three month voyage. Her time abroad was unbelievable on many levels; she learned and grew immensely.

Upon returning home, Julia found herself right where she left off. Feeling unsatisfied and ready for a change, she started exploring different possibilities. One that just felt right was Massage Therapy school. After a lot of thinking, research, and more thinking, Julia decided to take the journey and attend the Finger Lakes School of Massage in Mount Kisco. This turned out to be a journey she couldn’t have imagined...

Julia discovered her love for learning and dedication in a whole new way. Putting in 1000 hours of study and hands-on training in all aspects of massage therapy, Julia graduated at the top of her class in August 2018. She went on to sit for the New York State Board exam and happily received her NYS massage therapy license after a couple of long and anxious months of waiting. 

It turns out, Julia was one of those few people who knew what that were going to do with their life: “help people and make them feel good and happy”. Today you can find Julia soaking up the sunshine and adventuring around when she’s not too busy massaging her clients or working at Northstar restaurant in Pound Ridge, NY where she has served for 5+ years. Love, dedication, and healing is the backbone that Julia is made of. She is excited to continue growing, learning, shining and sharing it all!