About Your Practitioner

Andrew Fritz - Certified Reiki Master-Teacher, Priest in the Order of Melchizedek & Numerologist

My healing arts journey began in the early 00’s, when a series of unexpected life changing events had me feeling broken and completely off balance.  Suddenly facing challenges that were  affecting me personally on every level, and ultimately impacting me professionally (seasoned corporate HR executive), my survival instincts led me toward areas of self-care I’d never considered.  

It began with learning how to honestly identify and respect my own needs and relax into the notion that change is the only constant.  Instead of clinging to established structures and resisting the unknown, it made much more sense to embrace the unexpected and flow with life’s infinite possibilities.  I also began opening up to a more spiritual and metaphysical mindset...

Then it started happening.  New people, information, opportunities were presenting themselves in ways that seemed destined to help me not only to survive, but to transform, grow and thrive.  Eastern philosophies, specifically Taoism, and other mind-body interests, including yoga and Reiki, converged to became part of my core, integrating with my ever-demanding lifestyle.  

Encouraged by an amazing friend and skilled Reiki Master, I received my first Reiki attunement in 2002.  I knew immediately that the universe had shifted, welcoming me to help others to heal, to balance with grace and achieve their greatest good physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  Even more, there was an increasing awareness that I was connecting with something sacred...and it’s the same feeling I’d had ever since being a child.  Let’s just say it’s like a ‘knowing’; a strong intuitive sense with the power to interpret the energy emitted from people, places, the universe, etc. I’ve worked for years developing and refining my ability to sense/connect with this energy, as well as to channel it in the most effective ways.  

Continuing on this path, I received my Reiki II attunement in the spring of 2017 and then the Master-Teacher level designation in December 2018. I was also ordained as a Priest in the Order of Melchizedek and studied Pythagorean Numerology during this period of development, taking my commitment to teach and heal the Human Condition, to the next level.  My deepest desire is to help others reach their highest and best selves in order to embrace the profound changes effecting our lives in so many new, and often challenging, ways. 

So here I am, freed from the shackles of 30+ years of corporate life and happily focusing my time on mind-body wellness and other passion projects.  I practice tons of yoga, have fun with photography, music, food, family and of course love sharing all I’ve acquired/learned with others.

I welcome the opportunity to work with you.  Perhaps you’re curious what others might have to say about my Reiki (and Numerology) practice.  If so, please read on below!





“To take one of Andrew Fritz's Reiki sessions is to have a deep relaxing and rejuvenating experience at the hands of a very intuitive and compassionate Reiki practitioner. Andrew not only uses his energy-giving-and-calming skills to make your body feel attuned and alive, but he has a very generous curious mind that attends to your emotional balancing as well. A session with Andrew is a gift you give to yourself that keeps giving.”

Dan Markowitz - Founder & Lead Instructor, YogaSol 

“Andrew worked and lived the daily corporate grind for over 3 decades and knows what it does, not only to your body, but what it does/ is doing to your soul. He has shifted his personal life and life’s purpose to helping others achieve peace, and presence. Andrew will move you forward through past and post traumatic stress syndrome and help

alleviate pain and stress in the body caused by unconscious minded stressors.“ 


Kristen Evans - Esthetician & Owner Kristen A. Evans Skin Care

“I hurt.  I am tired.  I ache in pain.  My head wanders to what is unpleasant.  People try to control and steal my peace.  Yet, since Andrew has been generously using his spiritual Reiki touch on me, I also have healing comfort and balance.  All of the worst fades away with his hands. My chakras spin and each color luminously glows as he fills my body with his loving energy.  He is the way. I highly recommend him to anyone who is fortunate to have a session.”

Allegra Themmen-Pigott, LPC, MT-BC, DBPC & Certified Reiki Master

“A session with Andrews' gifts of the spirit is like riding on a magic carpet with hot stones (his hands) soothing every tense muscle.  As he releases your blocked energy points you instantly feel lighter much like floating on a cloud.  The breathing techniques he coaches are necessary to sustain calmness with balance.  Andrew takes the time to enlighten you to the value of a reiki session.  If you wish, he will share his intuitive messages with you.  Andrew is an angelic spirit on this earth that is a must experience that can not be put in words.”

Lisa Labozzo - Reiki Master